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About PotholesUK

PotholesUK is an independent website which campaigns for the eradication of potholes and other dangerous aspects of the UK's roads and for improvements to all of our transportation system, including the railways. We are not party-political, in that we petition and canvas local councils and the UK government, regardless of their party status.
As well as campaigning to get potholes and other dangerous parts of our roads fixed or changed, in the name of safety above all, we also campaign to improve driving rules and skills and to spread information to help promote better, safer and more eco-friendly driving and use of other, more eco-friendly transportation methods.
We recognise that repairing potholes is a relatively minor issue, compared to things like Climate Change, Water Availability & Use, War in Ukraine and other parts of the world and even other UK specific issues, such as the NHS, Education, Police etc., but that does not mean that our roads should just be left to deteriorate and become a danger to all who use them.
Ignoring the state of the roads and allowing them to fall into a state of disrepair is not the way to get people off the roads. We call on the Govenment and Local Councils to invest in the repair and maintenance of our roads and to rid the UK of the current plague of potholes and get us back to having decent and safe roads, as we have had in the past. There will always be potholes, that is inevitable, but the number and severity of them at the moment is totally unacceptable and needs to be fixed - urgently!

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We strongly support the campaign to get the current so-called 'Smart Motorways' returned to their former state of having a hard shoulder., i.e 'standard' motorways - or as we like to call them, 'Motorways'. Of course, no road is perfectly safe, although motorways
used to be
one of our safest roads, and still are, driving-wise.
Having no hard shoulder on fast roads like motorways, with three or more lanes and often surrounding armco, is making them exceptionally dangerous in the case of a breakdown, or when coming across an existing breakdown or minor accident, which would normally be out of the way on the hard shoulder (breakdowns anyway). Please click on the link and sign it, if you haven't already done so.

As a bigger picture view and policy, we want to see more emphasis and money invested in the rail network, to help reduce traffic, pollution and wear and tear on the roads and to make them a safer place for motorists and other road users. Investing in and increasing the rail network would help reduce road use and wear and tear and reduce CO2 release and pollution.
If combined with new laws and slowly increasing charges for freight on the road - especially for the larger long-distance trucks, both within this country and those going to or coming from Europe - this would help get large trucks off our roads, making them safer and far easier and cheaper to maintain in good condition, reduce pollution and improve our environment in general in the long run. Lets get long-distance freight back on the railways where it belongs and use trucks for local deliveries only.

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