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We use only basic Cookies and Sessions on this site. This places minimal size cookies on your device, simply to enable you to view and browse our site safely and securely. There is no need to Log In or Log Out, as sessions used on our site expire automatically after 20 minutes.

We do NOT sell your personal details or browsing information, or use it for anything other than keeping you safe. Cookies are used on this site solely for the purpose of keeping your place and allowing you to view all ads and images. We do not personalise ads according to your viewing habits, they are placed randomly, so there is no need for options to select which cookies to use for this purpose.
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3rd party cookies, set by advertisers, however, are not under our control. In order to change your advertising choices, you will need to change them with Google and any other advertisers, or you can disable 3rd party cookies in your browser. Therefore, the only control of Cookies on our site is either 'On' or 'Off' (Enable or Disable).
If you choose to turn cookies off, which you have a right to do, you may not be able to see some ads or images on our website. Please accept Cookies to continue and please disable your ad-blocker if you have one. Thank you

But what are Cookies and why should you allow them?
Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer, laptop, or other device which keep track of your website visit and enable you to visit different pages on that website without constantly having to re-enter your details, or confirm that you have already visited other pages that may be necessary for you to progress through the site. Cookies are used with Sessions, which temporarily hold the data on the website server itself, enabling the Cookies on your device to be kept very small and therefore making the connection even safer and faster, as the data is not required to be transferred from your device to the server with every page click. This is what we use.
Cookies are particularly useful (and necessary) when you are required to log into a website, or wish to place an order. The Cookies and Sessions keep track of your device by means of tokens. When you log in or on, a token is allocated to you and your device and recorded on the website server. This token is effectively passed from page to page and checked to see if it is still valid, to ensure that the information supplied to and reflected in the content of the following page is in response to you and your device only and no-one else who happens to be using the website at the same time. This is extremely important for your safety, security and of course, online purchasing, otherwise you could pay for an item, then another person could 'claim' it simply by completing checkout before you!
So, as you can see, Cookies (and Sessions) are essential for any website that needs to remember you for the time that you are on a particular website. Closing your browser (MS Explorer/Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) sometimes terminates a session, but usually a website will keep a session open for a pre-determined amount of time, after which you will be 'timed out' and logged out of the system. If the website requires you to register on their site, then your information will usually be kept in a database and retrieved next time you log in. This way, Cookies and Sessions can be recalled or re-generated so that you do not need to re-enter all of your details.
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Some (many) websites, place large cookies on your device that hold all of the information about you and your last visit, so that they can direct you back to the correct page that you last visited and so that they can personalise advertising for you, depending on what you have viewed in the past. We do NOT do this, we only place a small cookie on your device - we do NOT track your page visits or clicks, or control any advertising, nor do we use your data for ANY other purpose, other than for checking visits to our site!
Depending on exactly what personal data of yours is being used by a website, you will need to apply security that is proportional to the sensitivity of this data, i.e., using exclusive and strong passwords for banking sites etc, while using less complicate passwords for sites that do not keep any sensitive personal data. We currently ask for and keep absolutely no information about you whatsoever, as there is simply no need to do so.
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