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PotholesUK is an independent website which campaigns for the eradication of potholes and other dangerous aspects of the UK's roads and for improvements to all of our transportation system, including the railways. We are not party-political, in that we petition and canvas local councils and the UK government, regardless of their party status.
We do not collect personal information from people viewing and browsing our website, so we do not have a Privacy Policy Statement as such, but have signed up to Google's GDPR Privacy Policy Statement program, as Google and other ads on our site from other companies may collect your data. This is out of our control, so please check for this when clicking on any advertising link on our site.
Cookies are used on virtually all websites now and the advertising you will see on this and any other site depends so much on your preferences logged with Google and many other companies. To change your settings, you will need to log into your Google account and change your settings there.
To do this, go to My Google Account (ads control page), login, click on 'Get Started' and select to 'Turn Off Personalised Ads' - or, for finer control, accept them (turn it on) and then adjust what ads you accept or reject. (link opens in a new window).
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Ads other than Google ads on our pages are shown randomly and do not track your page views or preferences, of show targeted ads, so there is nothing to be selected or changed. However, if you click on one of these ads, the company involved may track your views and preferences on their site. This is also out of our control. Please change your preferences on their site by accepting or rejecting the cookies options given on their sites.
If you have any questions about privacy, or our use of cookies, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the email link below:
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This page was last updated on: 06 November 2023
All pages and content on our site are human generated, there is NO AI generated content on our site (possibly except for ads., which are external content, not under our control and therefore of unknown source). If you find any inaccuracies, simple spelling mistakes, or would like to contact us with any other comments about our site, please do so using the link on our 'Contact Us' page, from the Main Menu or the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.
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Potholesuk.org and Sekureit.com are independently run websites, funded only by advertising and product links. Adverts, links, advice and recommendations are given in good faith. No responsibility can be accepted for any damage or loss, whether physical, data, financial, or personal. Please do your own research and due diligence before clicking on links and downloading or using software - and check downloaded files or software with your antivirus software
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