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Gallery - Potholes and Vehicle Damage

To help promote our cause, we need lots more photos of potholes from all around the country, preferably current, or at least very recent, so that we can pressurise the Councils and the Govenment to take notice and DO something about them!
Please send us your photos of local potholes and vehicle damage and we'll try to show them here. Photos should be full photos, preferably landscape view, good quaility, not needing to be tweaked or cropped and preferably less than 2mb in size, though we may crop or adjust them if necessary to show the best view.
Please include a short description of the pothole, location details and information on any damage and/or injuries sustained and to what sort of vehicle.
Photos will be displayed at our discretion, depending on their quality, significance, location, and available space. Photos may be displayed at random, or on a rotating basis.
Please email your photos to us using the link below, or send us a link to your website showing the photo:
Please ensure that the person who has taken - and/or anyone who is included in - the photo has given their permission for the photo to be sent and published on our site.


Now, here's some photos to get the wheels rolling (those not already damaged by these monsters!). Please send yours in..
Pothole, Winchester, Oct. 2023
Winchester, Oct. 2023
Pothole, Winchester, Oct. 2023
Winchester, Oct. 2023
Pothole, Braishfield Road, Romsey
Braishfield Road, Romsey, Sept. 2023
Pothole, Lee Lane, Romsey, 2021
Lee Lane, Romsey, 2021. Two tyres and a cracked windscreen were lost to this one.


here's some of the feedback we've had from people on our petition, giving the reasons they signed (names supplied, but have been replaced by initials for privacy reasons.):
'As a cyclist, I am daily at risk of injury because of the absolutely huge potholes everywhere in my council (area). And because I cycle with my child on the back of the bike, I am even more aware of this dual risk of either going through a pothole or swerving into the middle of the road to avoid them. I am desperate, frustrated and ashamed by the state of the roads here.'
'I got thrown into the second lane, late at night on an unlit, yet major A road hitting a large pothole. Fortunately, the other lane was clear, otherwise, it would have been a 60 mph accident.'
'Funny how they can dig up every central reservation across the country to put in 5G which we don't need or want but can't do basic repairs.'
'The roads are dangerous!!'
'It affects everyone'
'Dangerous roads for cars, motorbikes and cyclists, especially with the dark nights approaching this could cause a bad accident.'
'Too many potholes in roads'
'The lumps and bumps in the roads cause me so much pain I dread going out.'
'I ride a bicycle and don't feel the roads are safe.'
'Can cause serious accidents.'
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